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Doner Family Fund
Feburary 2014 Featured Donor
Outside Investment Account

As the 3rd year in business full time concluded, Flagger Force owners Michele and Mike Doner wanted to become more active in providing blessings to those less fortunate. Rather than wait for the business to mature, they wanted to gift a greater percentage of their net income each year as their business was growing. Michele and Mike wanted to recognize their family who supported their efforts to start the business, their parents Floyd & Barbara Doner and Lew & Roberta Kahl, who instilled the values the company was built on, and their children, Mark & Megan, who helped whenever possible and sacrificed family time to help the company grow.

After significant research, they chose The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC) for the flexibility provided to donors. Key to their decision was the option to create a nonpermanent fund that allowed the Doners’ to both develop their relationship with TFEC and the flexibility for future dramatic growth which may someday lead to a private foundation. The second major key was the ability to create a Donor Advised Fund, in the form of an Outside Investment Account, enabling them to utilize their existing financial advisors to guide the investments that support their fund.

An Outside Investment Account allows donors to continue to have the responsibility of investing a fund in the hands of his or her personal financial advisors, including bank custodians, bank trust departments, fee-based investment advisers, commission-based brokers, and insurance or mutual fund financial representatives. TFEC, meanwhile, retains fiduciary control of the fund and works with both the donor and the financial advisor to ensure policy compliance. TFEC also receives monthly investment statements and reviews the health of the fund with the advisor annually. Permitted investments include: stocks, bonds (no junk or LT), mutual funds, money market funds and savings accounts. Prohibited investments include: variable annuities (except NIMCRUTS), life insurance, options, short-sales, margin accounts, commodities, precious metals and hedge funds.

The Doner’s chose to create their fund at TFEC in the form of Outside Investment Account in order to keep their existing investment managers, who have known Michele and Mike for nearly 20 years. Their investment managers were excited to support the foundational funds, and knew the risk tolerances of the Doner family well. Additionally, since the vision was for the Doner Family Fund to be a perpetual foundation, Michele and Mike trusted the investment group to counsel and coach their children on the proper handling of the future foundation.

Today, the family is very proud of the dramatic growth in the fund, both from consistent gifting to the fund from their income and the investment returns provided. Each November, the children make the decisions on what need areas to focus on and have become involved in providing support publicly to those organizations. Their gifting has helped individuals by focusing on creating a positive impact for the truly needy in Central PA, nationally and around the globe.

For more information on starting your own fund, contact Jennifer Doyle, Director of Development & Community Investment, at or call 717.236.5040.

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