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Endowment Building

The Foundation (TFEC) is a community foundation that has as its mission, in part, “to stimulate philanthropy and enhance the quality of life in the community through accumulating, managing and disbursing financial assets.” We achieve our mission by helping nonprofit organizations build permanent endowment funds that support their agencies’ missions in perpetuity.

The process of building endowment requires commitment, over many years, from the entire nonprofit organization. The temptation to spend all contributions for current operations is strong. Successful endowment-building requires steadfast dedication to the principle of investing for the future. When an organization’s endowment fund is established and growing, the benefits of this commitment will be apparent. Income earned from the endowment can be reinvested for compound growth or can provide a predictable income stream. Endowment income lessens the pressure to raise current operating dollars and helps to smooth the ups and downs of economic business cycles. Additionally, endowment sends a positive message to donors: the organization has achieved a key measure of financial stability and intends to carry out its mission for generations to come.

Our staff remains ready to assist your organization in achieving its long-term financial goals.

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