Using TFEC in Your Practice

Your clients rely on you for sound advice about many aspects of their financial and estate plans. TFEC can help you with the “charitable niche” of your work. Here are some of the ways TFEC can assist you in your practice:

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  • Let us help you choose the best fund type and type of assets to suit your client’s financial and charitable goals
  • Clients who have already established a private foundation may consider, establishing a fund at TFEC to take maximum advantage of the tax laws favorable to charitable giving
  • Create an Outside Investment Account with TFEC for donors with funds in excess of $75,000 to use their personal financial advisors to recommend investment holdings
  • Connect with us for more information or to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you and your client(s), to discuss TFEC and the services that we offer
  • Help identify if my client is charitably inclined