Start a Scholarship Fund

You can change a person’s life forever, and honor a loved one by establishing a scholarship fund at TFEC. We have the experience to support you as you make choices about the nature and focus of your fund. TFEC currently manages over 116 scholarships, which have been established over the decades by a wide variety of individuals, corporations, and organizations.

All scholarships must have two requirements for creation:

  • Defining the “class” of students eligible to apply
  • Defining the criteria for awarding a scholarship

Defining the “class” of students eligible to apply for scholarships:

It is required that the “class” of qualified students must be defined before award criteria are determined. A class may be students who attend a certain college or high school, who live in a certain geographical area, or who have another common attribute. The class cannot be defined so narrowly as to include only certain families or individuals.

Criteria for awarding scholarships from applicants in a defined class:

Examples of criteria that may be included:

  • Financial aid
  • Class rank
  • SAT scores
  • Grade point average
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Athletic ability
  • Field of study (not for employer-related scholarships)
  • Leadership/Community Service
  • Career plans (not for employer-related scholarships)
  • Educational goals
  • Character
  • Challenges overcome
  • Essay
  • Personal Interview

Please note that the above list contains examples only. TFEC is pleased to work with you to define criteria that meet your goals.

If you have any questions, please contact Janice R. Black, President and CEO, at or Jennifer Doyle, Director of Development & Community Investment at

Potential Scholarship Match Program

TFEC is one of 37 partners with the AES/PHEAA Partnership for Access to Higher Education (PATH) program. TFEC scholarship recipients are eligible to have their awards matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $2,500 provided they attend a school in PA and have a PA grant. In 2014, a record number of 98 students received $150,000 in matched funds through the PATH program. For additional information on this program, please visit