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Sponsorship Information for
Beauty After Bruises’ “Party In The Park”

“Party in the Park” being held
Saturday & Sunday June 27th and 28th, 2020

Northern York County High School campus
653 South Baltimore Street, Dillsburg, PA 17019


We are HONORED that you are considering Sponsoring our event!

There are 6 Options for sponsorship. We hope that you elect to be very involved as a sponsor. Those who attend our events are incredibly loyal to our sponsors. The more involvement they see from you, the happier they are to frequent your business.

PREMIUM Sponsorship – $3,000.00  (Maximum of TWO)

Premium sponsors will be very involved during the event and will TRULY be sponsoring the success thereof! We will work with you to determine if you prefer to provide a large branded canopy to cover the ticketing and/or exhibition area OR if you prefer to place your branded canopies at various event venues. You may provide us with multiple sign and banner options to be placed throughout the event as well! We will work with you to determine how to best involve your “team”. ‘Party in the Park will be “Brought to you by” your company.

FEATURED Sponsorship – $500.00

Feature sponsorship is perfect for your business even if your manpower options are somewhat limited. You will provide a canopy to cover the venue operating area under which you can also market your business. You will need to have no less than two, but preferably three or more volunteers from your company to “man” that venue at all times. One will want to promote your business while the other(s) will collect tickets and ensure the venue runs smoothly. We will post your signage and banners throughout the venue as well.

BASIC Sponsorship – $750.00

Basic sponsors will enjoy the title of sponsorship and will be helping to cover the costs of promoting the event without the requirement of providing manpower to do so. You will be assigned a venue after those with higher levels of sponsorship have completed their choices. You may be expected to provide a canopy for the venue under which venue organizers will work (depending on the venue you are assigned). We encourage you to create a marketing plan for your business and have a representative from the business available in the venue area to promote you in some fashion. Though we encourage you to get involved; there will be no requirement to do so. Charity organizers will take responsibility for finding volunteers or paid personnel to operate the sponsored venue area and make it a success. We will happily place your signage and banners throughout the park. Because this option requires us to locate multiple additional volunteers or potentially pay others to man the venue, this is the least cost effective option. We will use those funds to cover the costs of the additional venue help, equipment, etc.

VENUE Sponsorships  –  $250.00 (one day venue options)

  • CYCLE Show Sponsorship  
  • JEEP and 4WD Sponsorship  
  • CAR Show Sponsorship 

Venue Space Options

Venue spaces from which you can choose include the following: Dunk Tank, Face Painting, Spin Art, Games Course, Live Music Stage, BAB Merchandise and water booth, and Ticket Booth. Stay tuned for additional options!

General Sponsorship Information

You will surely note that our sponsorship opportunities are remarkably more cost effective than MOST charity events. It is our intention to welcome you as joint promoters of the event and hope the reduction in costs encourages you to help in the following ways where possible:

  • Help locate “celebrities” for the Dunk Tank to take a plunge for the cause!
  • Include our Party in the Park event in your upcoming advertising campaigns using the methods that are at your disposal. Use your radio contacts, social media, print media (if you use that), fliers / posters, etc. No need for major expense.

There will be very little restriction on what you may do at your venue area to promote your business so please bring your best game!! The only thing we ask is that you be sure to run the event venue well while simultaneously promoting your business. A crew of helpers may be necessary to do this. If you need additional manpower, please inform us as early as possible so we can locate volunteers. Some venues require nearly no additional support, while others need a great deal of attention or small prizes.

It is our goal to partner with you in every way possible to bring a memorable and annually anticipated event to our guests. Providing a weekend filled with laughter, fun, and connectivity for families and individuals is important to building strong communities and healthy minds. Together, we can make an incredibly large and unforgettable positive impact!

Link to Sponsor Application

Additional Information on Party in the Park

If you’d like information on volunteering your services for Party in the Park, obtaining vendor or food truck space, taking a turn in the dunk tank, or our Cycle and Car show, please contact us at 717.461.9916 or BeautyAfterBruises@gmail.com

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