Beauty after Bruises YUMMIE Event

February 1st – February 28th

Welcome to the 3rd Annual “YUMMIE” event. This year’s event is even bigger than last year and there is a new option. You can now choose which gift package(s) you prefer to enter to win!! Winners will receive a gift combination that includes a donation equivalent to “Dinner-for-Two” to a local restaurant and an “Indulgent Experience” at a local spa/salon/studio.

How it Works

Every ticket you purchase will enable you 30 entries throughout the entire month. You can enter your tickets for any/all of the packages you want to win. For example, if you like them all, enter once for each of the 30 gift packages. Have your eye on one specific gift package? Enter all 30 of your tickets for that one package! Or divide your votes as you please to make the perfect selections for you!

Once your electronic ticket purchase is received by Beauty After Bruises, you will be emailed with your ticket number(s) and a voting form (to decide how to place your 30 entries). Simply complete the form and return it to

Vote placement forms must be received by Beauty After Bruises no later than January 31, 2018 or a single entry for each of the 30 gift packages will be entered on your behalf.

Once a winning ticket number is drawn, all remaining entries for that number are removed as each ticket number can only win one gift package.

A Winner for Every Day in February!

A winner will be announced every day in February and they will receive the prize as depicted on the Calendar of Giving for that day. Plus, an additional Grand Prize winner and a special Valentine’s Winner will be drawn on February 1st and the winning numbers held secret until February 14th and February 28th. That means 30 winners will be drawn in total!

A maximum of 300 tickets will be sold! With at least 30 winners and no more than 300 tickets, your odds are awesome!

The Grand Prize package will be drawn first, but kept secret until February 28th, the Special Valentine’s Winner will be drawn second, but kept secret until February 14th. All other gift packages will be drawn and named daily in numeric order. Tickets can continue to be purchased through February until the 300 ticket cap is reached.

Raffle Ticket Prices

1 ticket | $15

2 tickets | $25

Each raffle ticket (or package of two tickets) may be registered to one person only and cannot be shared. If multiple packages are purchased, each package can be registered to a different person. (e.g. If Jane Doe purchases a package of 2 tickets, the tickets can only be registered in her name. If she purchases two packages of 2 tickets (4 tickets total), one package may be registered in her name, and one in someone else’s name.)

Additional Details

When purchasing tickets online, you will receive two confirmation emails. One from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities to indicate that your payment has been received and a second from Beauty After Bruises with your ticket number(s) and the vote placement form.

All of the gift certificates do expire; you will want to redeem them quickly.

Please be certain to submit your full mailing address and phone number to ensure that your prizes are received in a timely fashion. Beauty After Bruises will not be held responsible for prizes that are lost or delayed in the mail or those that are delivered to a location where you aren’t present for receipt. You are welcome to make arrangements to pick up your prize at your convenience. Winners will be contacted by their preferred method of notification within 24 hours of winning. If the winner does not respond within 3 days with arrangements to pick-up the prize, it will be mailed via USPS.

Important Note: All winning items are offered as gifts to our supporters and it is not our intent that they be resold. Should you elect to give them as gifts, you may certainly do so.

Live Public Drawings

A live public drawing will be held on the first through the tenth of February at 12:30 p.m. at various business locations listed on our website and Facebook event page. These live drawings will also be live streamed on the Facebook event page!

Visit the Beauty After Bruises website at to learn more about those they serve.

**Raffle ticket purchases are not tax-deductible.