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Hillside Park Project

Fund Type: Project
Regional Foundation: Greater Harrisburg Foundation

The charitable purpose of the project shall be to promote social welfare by improving the quality of living in New Cumberland by providing "safe, active, & healthy" recreational options for young and old alike. The overarching outcome is to develop this area of the Hillside Elementary School Property into a recreational asset that serves the community at large as well as the School District.

The Hillside Park Project is important to not only New Cumberland directly, but to the surrounding communities as well. When completed, the Project will represent a significant asset to the recreational portfolio of the area, and will help bring needed visitors to the downtown New Cumberland area, thereby stimulating the economy. In a post-Covid 19 world, enhancement to recreation and the economy will be critical. Scope of Project There are two areas of improvement, both of which are on the lower side of Hillside Elementary School, bordered by Brandt Avenue, 7th Street, and Beacon Hill Street: 1) Tennis Courts to Basketball Courts and 2) Improvements to Girls Softball Field. Visit their website to learn more about the Hillside Park Project.