Why Give?


Ten reasons people choose to give through TFEC:

  1. We have streamlined your personal giving services, making it easy and flexible for you to achieve your charitable goals and invest in the causes you care about most.
  2. We are a local organization with deep roots in the community and have a broad knowledge of community issues and needs.
  3. We are a community leader. TFEC regularly convenes charitably focused individuals, for-profit organizations, and nonprofit organizations to coordinate resources and create positive change.
  4. Our passive investment strategy has proven to provide strong market performance since its inception in 1996. TFEC increases your ability to give through strong returns on your investment. Your dollars are pooled with other donor’s gifts to take advantage of the economies of scale.
  5. We accept a wide variety of assets, including nontraditional assets such as real estate, antiques, jewelry, coin collections, art, closely held business stock, etc., and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving, while offering the maximum tax advantages under state and federal law with reasonable fees.
  6. We work with professional advisors, including lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, etc., to discover the best way for you to distribute your assets.
  7. We have earned the respect of our donors, professional advisors and the local community through our operational transparency, prudent investment management, and our deep commitment to outstanding customer service.
  8. Your charitable intent is always honored at TFEC. If after your death, the organization you chose to support ceases to exist for whatever reason, TFEC’s Board of Directors can redirect your gifts to a different organization that has the same or a very similar mission. Your original intent is always perpetuated.
  9. We help you create your personal legacy by building endowment funds that benefit the community now and forever.
  10. We can provide local legal expertise (at no cost to you) in structuring a gift.