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The Greater Harrisburg Community Foundation (GHCF) was established in 1920 by Donald McCormick. In 2005, GHCF changed its name to The Foundation for Enhancing Communities in order to better reflect its mission and expanded geographic reach. The name GHCF was maintained as the representative entity charged with carrying out the grantmaking efforts as one of six current regional foundations. GHCF makes discretionary grants to nonprofit organizations that serve residents of Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, and Perry counties, and the Dillsburg Area.


The Greater Harrisburg Community Foundation currently manages 60 funds with assets totaling $104,609,494 (12/31/23).

For a complete list funds, please click here.

Grantmaking Committee

Betsy Hancock, Chair
Anne Aufiero
Oralia Dominic
Esmeralda Y. Hetrick
Marlene Kanuck
David Kutz
Kristin Leader-Ramirez
Susan Simms Marsh
Donna Murray

Robert E. Caplan, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Romeo Azondekon, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, serve as ex officios on all committees.

2023 Total Grants Awarded*: $7,337,172

*Includes grants directed by donors and grants directed by Grantmaking Committee.


The Greater Harrisburg Community Foundation (GHCF), a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, offers the following competitive grant opportunities:

Learn more about each grant opportunity, here.

Scholarship Information

2023 Scholarships Total: $851,986.59 | 256 students

Additional students received scholarships through four management service agreements for a total of 14 different scholarships.

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