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We know that the role of a school counselor is multifaceted and pulls you in many directions. Whether you are struggling to engage your students or looking to refresh your current resources, we want this to be the page that you visit for additional helpful tools year-round.

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To Complete a TFEC Scholarship Application 

Forms Required for all TFEC Applications 

Did a student start an application and needs to return where they left off? Have students Click Here to sign back in and complete their application.

Scholarship Season: What to expect January through May

Before Application Deadlines

  • Online applications go live January 1 of each year. Application instructions are available year-round for students to prepare required materials beforehand.
  • The Scholarship Team is available for scholarship application completion lunches, study halls, and flex periods at your school. Please reach out if you are interested in scheduling an event.
  • Scholarship deadlines vary. Opportunities close as early as March 15 and continue through the summer.
  • As deadlines approach, we will notify you of scholarship opportunities that have few or no applicants.

**Share the date of your school’s senior awards program as early as possible and let us know what may be needed from us in order to participate.

After Application Deadlines

  • After the application deadline passes, we will communicate directly with the student that their entire application is complete. Confirmation will not be sent before the deadline.
  • The TFEC Scholarship Team will communicate Student Name, Scholarship Name, and Award Value to you if students from your school are selected.
  • We will work together to coordinate having awards presented to your students at their senior awards program either by a TFEC Representative, the scholarship donor or family, or a representative from your school.

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