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In 1986, Mechanicsburg community leaders established the Mechanicsburg Area Community Foundation (MACF) to build permanent endowments to benefit the Mechanicsburg area’s ZIP codes of 17055 and 17050. MACF decided to affiliate itself as a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities to help minimize the expenses associated with creating an independent community foundation. The MACF Advisory Committee provides insight on local issues to strengthen fundraising and grantmaking efforts for the benefit of Mechanicsburg area residents.


Mechanicsburg Area Community Foundation currently manages 72 funds with assets totaling $6,283,742 (12/31/19).

For a complete list funds, please click here.

Advisory Committee

Patricia Herring, Chair
Murrell Walters III, Vice Chair
John Anthony II
Amy Bockis
Susanna Reppert-Brill
Sue Erdman
Patricia Ferris
Dale Flor
Shawn Greenland
Mark Leidy
John Petrie
Gary Weber
Linda Willis

Dr. Carolyn Dumaresq, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Robert E. Caplan, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, serve as ex officios on all committees.

Director Emeritus

Foster M. Berkheimer
David Coover
Charles E. Shields, Sr. (posthumously)


MACF conducts an annual competitive grantmaking program for nonprofit organizations serving the Mechanicsburg area (zip codes 17050 & 17055). MACF’s strategic grantmaking focus is to invest in innovative, collaborative approaches and solutions to community problems, and to support projects that demonstrate achievable outcomes, the potential for replication as a model program, and plans for sustainability beyond the grant term. The overarching goal is to fund programs and services that have the potential for the greatest impact on the quality of life and positive outcomes for individuals and families living in the Mechanicsburg area.

Please click here for more information on how to apply.

2019 Advisory Committee Directed Grants Total: $73,910.00

Recipient Grant Amount
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of the Capital Region Inc.


Capital Area Girls on the Run $5,000.00
Community CARES $2,000.00
Employment Skills Center $5,000.00
Homeland Hospice $7,637.00
Hospice of Central Pennsylvania $7,637.00
Joseph T. Simpson Public Library $4,011.00
Junior Achievement of South Central PA, Inc. $6,000.00
Keystone Human Services $8,000.00
Messiah Lifeways Community Support Services $3,000.00
Mission Central Inc. $4,000.00
New Hope Ministries Inc. $7,500.00
Please Live, Inc. $5,375.00
Vickie’s Angel Walk Inc. $5,000.00

2019 Total Grants Awarded*: $251,026

*Includes grants directed by donors and grants directed by Advisory Committee.


2019 Scholarships Total: $61,709.50

Awardees for 2019 scholarships were:

  • Seidle Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Cynthia L. Coller Memorial Scholarship – $1,000.00
    • Camille Flack
  • Erik J. Fullas Scholarship Fund for Wrestlers – $1,321.00
    • Nicholas Tewell
  • Carol Hoy Scholarship – $1,000.00
    • Morgan Hechler
  • Ken and Romaine Kauffman Scholarship – $500.00
    • William Burnham       
  • Mechanicsburg Area High School Alumni Association Fund – $30,275.00
    • Jack Gallick – $5,835.00
    • Brandan Knepper – $5,835.00
    • Horia Tagouma – $5,835.00
    • Nick Tewell – $5,835.00
    • Madeline Waring – $5,835.00
    • Aidan Sheely – Harry A. Berkheimer Lineman of the Year Scholarship ($1,100.00)
  • Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg Charitable Fund – $12,000.00
    • Michael Ginder – $2,000.00
    • Christopher Lehigh – $2,000.00
    • Hailey Ott – $2,000.00
    • Madison Scialanca – $2,000.00
    • Lauren Seubert – $2,000.00
    • Horia Tagouma – $2,000.00
  • Operation Wildcat Scholarship Fund – $4,000.00
    • Nathan Geraty
  • Dorothy M. Peele Scholarship Fund – $2,293.50
    • Taylor Nickum
  • Bertha and Byron L. Reppert Scholarship – $3,000.00
    • Caroline Berry – $1,000.00
    • Tulio Huggins – $1,000.00
    • Claire Wyszynski – $1,000.00
  • Charles Shields Scholarship Fund – $812.00
    • Brooke Merris
  • Singiser Family Fund – $4,000.00
    • Morgan Cupp – $500.00
    • Tylyn Cupp – $500.00
    • Michala Geraty – $500.00
    • Brandan Knepper – $1,250.00
    • Horia Tagouma – $1,250.00
  • Richard N. Wevodau Scholarship – $1,508.00
    • Jane Mylin

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