TFEC Properties, Inc.

Real Estate as a Charitable Gift

TFEC Properties, Inc. allows TFEC to receive, hold, manage, lease, and otherwise process real estate gifts from donors to benefit nonprofit organizations. TFEC Properties, Inc. can handle charitable gifts of real estate and can even consider accepting part sale/part gift transactions, such as real estate with a small mortgage still to be paid. TFEC Properties, Inc. can also receive real estate in various arrangements like gift unitrusts, which address the ongoing interests and income needs of the donor in their lifetime to make the charitable gift now and in the future.

Types of Real Estate Gifts

TFEC Properties, Inc. can accept the following types of real estate gifts:

  • Single family homes
  • Undivided interests in real estate
  • Vacation or second home properties
  • Undeveloped land
  • Agricultural land
  • Mineral right
  • And others

How it Works

We will work with you to identify which giving option best suits your charitable goals. You can make an immediate donation of real estate or make a planned gift and leave a meaningful legacy. Your gift will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure it complies with IRS rules.

Once approved, TFEC Properties, Inc. will accept a deed to the property and undertake the process of selling the property. When the property is sold, the net proceeds can be placed in a charitable fund with TFEC and invested. Additionally, TFEC Properties, Inc. can arrange for real estate and provide management of real estate for the benefit of other nonprofit organizations. Not only would this group be able to handle real estate transactions relating to the TFEC funds, but it could also be the holding entity for donations to benefit other qualified nonprofit organizations.


A gift of real estate entitles you to receive multiple tax benefits to the extent allowed by federal and state law, including:

  • A charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the donated property
  • The reduction or elimination of capital gains
  • The reduction or elimination of estate taxes

Charitable Options

The proceeds from the sale of your real estate can be rolled into several different fund options: Unrestricted Fund: This fund ensures that grants will be available in perpetuity for the community and provides the ability to respond quickly to immediate and ongoing community needs. Area of Interest Fund: This fund enables you to invest in an area you are passionate about, such as education or the arts. Donor Advised Fund: This fund allows you to recommend grants to nonprofit organizations locally, nationally, or even internationally. Restricted Fund: This fund allows you to benefit a specific organization for years to come. Scholarship Fund: This fund benefits students at any educational level based on donor’s established, objective criteria on which awardees qualify for scholarships.

Board of Directors

  • Robert C. Grubic, Chair
  • Daniel Alderman, Esq.
  • Joy Daniels
  • J. Stephen Feinour, Esq.
  • Steve Hawbecker
  • Mark D. Hipp, Esq.
  • Gary L. Nalbandian
  • Lane Schultz
  • Neal S. West, Esq.

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