Create A Fund

Establishing a fund at TFEC is an easy way to invest in your charitable interests.

You can create a fund that supports a particular need or area of interest, or one that is multipurpose and flexible. Whichever option you choose, the fund you create will make an impact on community needs. Funds are established with the donor’s commitment to reach a minimum $10,000 contribution level within five years.

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Types of Funds

Unrestricted Fund

Ensures that grants will be available in perpetuity for the most current community needs. TFEC’s Grantmaking Committees have flexibility to apply income of the fund to the most relevant and promising opportunities within their service areas (Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, and Perry Counties, and the Dillsburg area) through a competitive application process.

Area of Interest Fund

Enables donors to support a broad area of concern, such as the environment, arts and culture, or education. TFEC’s Grantmaking Committee then awards grants to nonprofit organizations within the area of interest through a competitive application process. This fund has the flexibility within that area of interest to respond to changing community needs over time.

Donor Advised Fund

Offers the greatest flexibility and allows donors to recommend grants to nonprofit organizations. The fund can be PERMANENT (only income is granted and principal grows in perpetuity), or NONPERMANENT (both principal and income can be granted). Particularly advantageous for donors who may want to make a single contribution and recommend grants to charitable beneficiaries over a period of time.

Looking to have a committee of 3 or more individuals to recommend grants? Create a Committee Advised Fund. This fund operates the same as a Donor Advised Fund except that 3 or more individuals can participate in making charitable distributions.

Restricted Fund

Provides ongoing, permanent support to one or more donor-selected nonprofit organizations. If charitable beneficiaries should cease to function or exist, TFEC will redirect income in a way that will achieve the donor’s original charitable intent.

Scholarship Fund

Benefits students at any educational level. Donors can select the scholarship awardees with assistance from a committee according to objective criteria. TFEC can assist in managing part or all of the application process. TFEC administers the award process and payment of all awards each semester.

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Agency Fund

This fund enables a charitable organization (agency) to place its own assets with TFEC for permanent endowment purposes. The agency receives an annual income distribution for unrestricted purposes. These funds can be accounted for as assets of the agency (per FASB 136), but are owned by TFEC. The fund can also accept direct contributions from donors, which are accounted for and owned as assets of TFEC.

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