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The Perry County Community Foundation (PCCF), established in 1987, is a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. PCCF makes discretionary grants to nonprofit organizations that serve residents of Perry County. PCCF also serves as a vehicle for individuals, companies, foundations, and charitable organizations to establish funds that will support the civic, social, educational, and cultural well-being of individuals living in Perry County. PCCF ensures that all gifts, ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, will work to improve the quality of life for Perry County residents, today and in the future.


The Perry County Community Foundation currently manages 54 funds with assets totaling $5,981,165 (12/31/19).

For a complete list funds, please click here.

Advisory Committee

Lori McClellan, Chair
Marel King, Vice Chair
Adam P. Britcher
Charles Campbell
Suzanne Dell
Linda C. Kutz
Harriet Magee
L. Jeffrey Mattern
Mary Jane Moyer
Lane Partner
Todd Saner
Gwen Soult
Virginia Ticehurst
Jen Wilson
Jan Zeigler

Dr. Carolyn Dumaresq, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Robert E. Caplan, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, serve as ex officios on all committees.

Honorary Members

Hon. William Moore, deceased

In appreciation to Joan Holman for her vision and leadership in the founding of the Perry County Community Foundation.


The Perry County Community Foundation (PCCF), a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC), conducts an annual competitive grantmaking program for nonprofit organizations serving Perry county. PCCF’s strategic grantmaking focus is to invest in innovative, collaborative approaches and solutions to community problems, and to support projects that demonstrate achievable outcomes, the potential for replication as a model program, and plans for sustainability beyond the grant term. The overarching goal is to fund programs and services that have the potential for the greatest impact on the quality of life and positive outcomes for individuals and families living in Perry county.

Please click here for more information on How to Apply.

2019 Advisory Committee Directed Grants Total: $23,278.00

Recipient Grant Amount
The Arc of Cumberland and Perry Counties  $3,478.00
Central Pennsylvania Food Bank $3,500.00
Cove Mountain Community Theatre $1,500.00
Duncannon Otterbein United Methodist Church $2,000.00
Friends of Spring Township $1,350.00
Historical Society of Perry County $2,850.00
Join Hands Ministry $2,000.00
Marysville-Rye Library Association $900.00
Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation $1,000.00
Perry County Literacy Council $500.00
Retired Senior Volunteer Program of the Capital Region, Inc. $1,000.00
Setebaid Services, Inc. $3,200.00

2019 Grants Awarded*: $246,916

*Includes grants directed by donors and grants directed by Advisory Committee.


2019 Scholarships Total: $62,036.00

Awardees for 2019 scholarships were:

  • The CODY Foundation – $3,000.00
    • Margrett Brown – $500.00
    • Skylar Kaufell – $500.00
    • Grace O’Toole – $500.00
    • Noah Smith – $500.00
    • Kacie Wagner – $500.00
    • Eli Whitehead-Zimmers – $500.00
  • Baird and Mary Jane Collins Scholarship Fund – $10,000.00
    • Emma Bell
  • Carrie and George Lyter Scholarship – $1,000.00
    • Alexandra Bennett
  • Frank M. Magee Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund – $3,400.00
    • Margaret Heimbaugh – $1,700.00
    • Iris Peters – $1,700.00
  • Lee C. Morrissey Fund – $190.00
    • Kacie Wagner
  • Megan Moyer Seiber Memorial Scholarship – $1,000.00
    • Makenzie Smeigh
  • Larry C. Sheibley-Beasom Valedictorian Scholarship – $6,248.00
    • Devin Brown
  • Larry C. Sheibley-Beasom Salutatorian Scholarship – $6,248.00
    • Jozie Brajkovich
  • Larry C. Sheibley-Beasom Third Highest Ranking Academic Scholarship – $3,950.00
    • Taylor Crockett
  • Pauline M. Whitekettle Scholarship Fund for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – $27,000.00
    • Alexandra Bennett – $6,000.00
    • Megan Campbell – $5,250.00
    • Brooke Kline – $5,250.00
    • Joshua Kline – $5,250.00
    • Hayley Lesh – $5,250.00

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