Grantee Toolkit & Reporting

Congratulations on receiving a grant from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities!

The following guidelines are intended to help you publicize and report on your program.


Grant Acknowledgement Language

Use this language to acknowledge your grant from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities.

Logo Use

We encourage you to use our logo where suitable. To obtain a copy of logo needed for your grant, please review our logo use guidelines and download the logos below by clicking on the desired image. Please contact us if you need a different format of our logo than what is listed.





Sample Press Release

Sharing Your Story

You can publicize TFEC’s support in a number of ways:

Your website & social media

Create a link on your website and/or social media to the The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. When announcing the grant on social media, link to us on Instagram (@TFECpa), ( and on Twitter (@TFECpa). You can also include our logo where appropriate. See logo use details above.

Contact local media

Using this sample press release, contact local news organizations to let them know about your project and your grant from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. We would be happy to provide a quote for your press release that is specific to your organization. This is an opportunity to connect your work to our region’s media outlets. Download sample press release.

Tell your community

Share information about your grant through your newsletters, annual reports, and lists of supporters. Use the logos above when appropriate and send us a high-resolution version of your logo.

Keep in touch!

We love it when grant recipients share pictures of programs or events, success stories, or any other newsworthy items! Please email any of these items to

Grantee Reporting

Hello Grantees, we have recently updated our Grantee Final Evaluation Forms! Please begin by selecting the Final Evaluation form that correlates with your grant opportunity, below. All answers will be typed into the form, and you will select your grant source and year via a drop-down menu. In this form, you will also upload all your supporting materials (i.e., receipts, pictures, etc.). Once you finish click on the submit button.

To fulfill your Final Evaluation grant requirement, answer all questions and all materials by the deadline date listed in your award letter and/or Grant Agreement. Once your project is complete, you may submit your Final Evaluation at any time prior to the deadline date. Answer all questions using information that applies to the project supported by grant funds. Failure to comply may impact future grant awards. Contact our Community Investment Team at with questions.

TFEC Grantee Final Evaluation Forms

NEW! TFEC Grantee Final Evaluation Form – This fillable form is to be used for all TFEC grants except the Children’s Home Foundation Fund (below) and Early Childhood Strategic Initiative.  

Children’s Home Foundation Fund Grantee Final Evaluation Form – This fillable form is to be used for all Children’s Home Foundation Fund grants.  

Questions regarding our grant opportunities?

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