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Working together for the common good

What do you do when you see a problem in your neighborhood, city, or region that needs to be solved? How can you address suffering, hunger, environmental degradation, or inequality? You might want to start a nonprofit organization to tackle the problem, but there is an easier option for you to consider. TFEC has the ability to extend its nonprofit status over your activities using a tool known as a fiscal sponsorship.

Your project can become part of TFEC so that you can operate as a 501(c)(3) organization, raise tax-deductible contributions, and use those funds to achieve your mission. If you establish a project with TFEC, we become your fiscal sponsor and you become part of TFEC.

This arrangement allows you to:

  • Access the reputation, credibility, and fiscal acumen of TFEC
  • Fundraise to support your charitable mission
  • Give your donors tax-deductibility for their gifts
  • Create good records of fiscal activity
  • TFEC has expertise in managing a wide range of charitable projects, from community health initiatives, to corporate and foundation grantmaking programs, to urban beautification initiatives.

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