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Scholarships are a great way to fill the gap between the cost of college and the financial support you may be receiving through Federal Student Aid, grants or scholarships from your college, and family support.  

In 2020, TFEC offered more than 120 scholarship opportunities and awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships to 403 local students alone through various scholarship funds administered by TFEC and through management agreements with the Samuel L. Abrams Foundation and the Leon Lowengard and Ray S. Shoemaker scholarships of BNY Mellon, N.A. 

Next Spring, that could be you!  

Below are some resources the TFEC Scholarship Team put together to get you started.   

To Complete a TFEC Scholarship Application 

Forms Required for all TFEC Applications 

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Education Planner

A one-stop college planning site that offers information on how to research careers, choose colleges, fill out electronic applications, and finance your education.

Scholarship Search

The Find a Scholarship feature on our website will help you search all of TFEC’s scholarships for ones you may be eligible for, but there are many other places to look and options to consider: 

    • Check out free scholarship search websites 
    • Check IRL and virtual bulletin boards at your high school  
    • Connect with your school counselor or College and Career Advisor 
    • Ask your parents if the companies they work for offer scholarships. Ask your own employer! 
    • Check with the financial aid offices of the colleges you are interested in attending 

Submitting Transcripts and Reference Letters

TFEC Scholarship applications require your Transcript, School Counselor Form, and any Reference Letters be submitted separately from your online application.

Confirm with your school counselor the system your school has in place for students to request transcripts and reference letters be sent on your behalf. 

Your School Counselor should email all files to :

  • Ask that they include your name and the name of the scholarship(s) you are or plan to apply for. 
  • When required, reference letters can be emailed by the teacher/mentor writing the letter OR your school counselor. Letters should be printed or saved on letterhead whenever possible.
  • Emailed items will not appear as attachments to your online application or prevent you from submitting by the deadline.
  • A TFEC Scholarship Team member will email you, after the application deadline passes, to confirm that your entire application is complete including materials emailed separately. Confirmation will not be sent before the deadline.

See our blog post with advice for students on how to request someone write a reference letter on your behalf. Post includes an example email template you can copy and paste!

Additional Resources

 Free Scholarship Search Sites  

 Federal Student Aid 


 College Preparation 

 Social Media Platforms 

  • College Board
  • Common app
  • Federal Student Aid 


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