Beauty After Bruises | #GivingTherapyBoxes Project | Donations

Thank you for helping us bring therapy to those in need! Imagine wanting therapy and being willing to do the work, but having no one within a two-hour drive of your home to help – or having someone nearby, but no money or insurance approval to pay for their services.

We have found a way to help those in desperate need begin the process of healing. We call it a Therapy Box!

With your help, we will create no less than FIFTY, hopefully many more. While nothing can compare to face-to-face therapy, we know that recipients will absolutely treasure the life-changing information and self-care tools that we are sending!

Each box will be personalized with items selected by the recipient that meet their unique needs and personal style.

  • Therapy boxes will include no less than 2 books, grounding and distraction tools, a journal, and more!
  • Every dollar donated will be used to purchase bulk items at a reduced price and enable us to help more individuals.
  • You can elect to donate $200 to cover the cost of creating and shipping a single box, or help with an amount that is within your personal budget.

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