BAB | Healing Board Project


The Goal:  Fill no less than THREE Healing Boards with donations to recoup the funds lost in Winter/Spring 2020.


Beauty After Bruises is the only organization in the USA offering the possibility for Complex Trauma survivors to receive funding for their out-of-pocket costs relative to ongoing therapy. We have sustained a monumentous deficit due to the need for stay-home orders and social distancing.

We are so glad that people around the globe are heeding the need to be safe and create a *safer* environment during the pandemic. Safety concerns created the need to cancel all of our fundraising events in 2020 through the month of May at a minimum, and to amend our Walk for Wellness in May/June.

Because all of our Grant Funding is “soft” funding (meaning it is derived solely from the generosity and support of others rather than large grants from corporations and foundations) this means we have, quite literally, had NO fundraising income in 2020 and our Grant Giving project has been suspended. When there are no funds in the account, there can be no Grants to gift.

This is heartbreaking in ways we cannot describe. Many survivors who have spent months preparing their grant applications, who have waited years for an opportunity to begin or continue therapy due to financial strain, have been informed that we cannot help them. The level of need was already so much higher than the amount of funding we could raise annually. We NEED to get this back on track!

The best part about this project is that almost everyone can participate. There is no amount that is too small. If the amount you wanted to donate is already selected, send it any way!! We’ll apply it to the next Board or add it to a donation from another individual and create the perfect solution! Help us demonstrate the love that Complex Trauma survivors need and deserve!!

How it Works: You have two options
  1. Select an amount from the Healing Board that is unclaimed and donate that specific amount (ie: $42)
  2. Donate an amount that you are comfortable with and we will select the numbers for you that equal that amount (ie: you donate $42 and we choose the numbers $12 and $30).

We encourage you to follow along and cheer for a great outcome on our Facebook Event Page: Healing Board Project. We will be updating the Healing Board with the selected numbers hourly and posting the updated board on our Facebook Event Page.

When one Healing Board nears completion, we will begin a new board. As donations are made, we will replace the dollar amounts shown on the PINNED post graphic with initials of the donor or “Anon” if you elect to be anonymous. We will update the board hourly if possible between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. EST to allow you to see which amounts are still available. Should your donation arrive and your selected numbers were already chosen by another donor prior to your submission, we will select alternate numbers on your behalf. Once we are no longer able to make mathematically equal matches for incoming donations, we will open the next Board and begin anew. It is possible that two Boards will be open at the same time as one board is nearing the end of completion.

Thank you for helping us to bring therapy to those in need!! Together, we stand as a united front to support adult survivors of childhood trauma, abuse, neglect and childhood sexual assault.

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