1920 Legacy Society

In addition to accepting direct contributions, TFEC assists donors in making planned gifts. Often these gifts are deferred based upon personal estate planning and the income needs of the donor. Even though gifts might be deferred, the gifts could have immediate tax benefits. Deferred gifts include bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable annuity remainder trust, charitable lead trusts and real estate with retained life interest. Donors who make a planned gift or remember TFEC in their wills are invited to become members of our 1920 Legacy Society. Members of the 1920 Legacy Society receive special recognition in our Annual Report, invitations to all TFEC events, and a special luncheon and gift to thank them for their planned gift.

1920 Legacy Society List

Sloan and Susan Auchincloss
Sara Jane Aucker
William Banks
Janice R. Black
Harold and Dolores Brake
Dr. Maury Brenner
Dr. David Bronstein
Eric L. Brossman
Melvin Brownold
Denise and William Bucher
Bob and Barbara Clay
A. Wesley Carr Jr.
Philip and Carol DiMartile
David E. and Jane Edgar Freet
Gordon E. Fry
 Frieda Gover
James E. Grandon, Jr. and Jean Grandon
Lois Lehrman Grass
Kendall and Connie Hanna
Jody Heberling & Beth Helterbran
Glenn and Barbara Holliman
Martha B. Hostetter
Robert F. Hostetter, Jr.
Kenneth S. Knowlton
Margaret D. Kooistra
Eric P. Krell
Dr. Robert Lau & Monte Avery
Richard and Jan LeBlanc
William Lehr, Jr. and Beverlee Lehr
Barbara Lock
Robert Lynch & Dianne Brace
George and Carrie Lyter

Jerry W. Martin and Michael E. Knaub
L. Jeffrey and Sharon Mattern
James M. and Janet M. Maynard
Harold A. McInnes
Barbara Collins Miller
Linda Miller and Rob Adelberg
Wayne and Susan Mountz
Phyllis Mowery
Sidney Palmer, Jr. and Ellen Palmer
Kathryn S. Patterson
Charles and Ellen Peters
Nancy Reist Preis
Marilyn Pukmel
David W. and Jeanne Reager
Neal and Linda Rhoads
Helga Rist
William and Susannah Rothman
Ray Rotz
Patricia E. Roussel
Diane L. Sandquist
Charles G. Schlichter, Jr.
Conrad M. and Gail Siegel
Glenda Singiser
Jack Snider
Stephen Spector
Jennifer L. Steigelman
Dean and Gail Stephens
Larry W. and Mary Alice Stoops
Marilyn Lee Urie
Anne Ely Wain and Richard S. Wain
Gale Wenk du Pont
Wallace and Lois Willig
Samuel W. Worley
Linda M. Zullinger