SARCC LogoIn 2014, the Sexual Assault Resource & Counseling Center (SARCC) established the Sexual Assault Resource & Counseling Center Endowment Fund. SARCC, engages all individuals, families and communities in healing, advocating and educating for the elimination of sexual violence. An Agency Fund is an endowment fund established by a nonprofit organization with the income benefiting their programs in perpetuity. The process of building a successful Agency Fund requires commitment over many years from the entire nonprofit organization with a steadfast dedication to the principle of investing for the future. Income earned from the fund can be reinvested for compound growth or can provide a predictable income stream. Fund income lessens the pressure to raise current operating dollars and helps to smooth the ups and downs of economic business cycles. Additionally, an Agency Fund sends a positive message to donors: the organization has achieved a key measure of financial stability and intends to carry out its mission for generations to come. AR14_AgencyFund_SARCC2

A permanent agency fund provides SARCC a reliable stream of funds for:

  • Education programs including our Safe Dates program.
  • Educational conferences for staff to increase their skills.
  • Accompaniment of children and their families to medical forensic exams.
  • Psycho educational groups for adults and children.
  • Innovative models of treatment.

“The ambitious goal of changing a social norm to include respect and nonviolence is key to our work in primary prevention. To meet this goal we invested funds to support this work in the future. We approached TFEC because we know that they are trusted and respected in this field. TFEC shares our mission and vision and will lead us as we build our sustainability for the future.”

– Jenny Murphy-Shifflet, President/CEO, SARCC

Please contact Janice R. Black, President and CEO, at or Jennifer Doyle, Director of Development & Community Investment, at if you would like to meet with a TFEC representative to further discuss Agency Funds.

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