TFEC ON SITE: Highlighting the History of Franklin County Women and FCF Grantmaking through “Renfrew’s Women through History” Exhibition and Programming!

Program Officer for Community Investment, Jennifer Strechay (photographer), and Community Investment Assistant, Thomas Bradley, (right) were thrilled to visit and tour the exhibition in June 2017 and sincerely thank Cynthia Lawrence-Fink (left) for sharing her time and talent with us!

In 2016, the Franklin County Foundation was pleased to award $3,000 to the Renfrew Committee Inc. for its Renfrew Museum and Park based exhibition, “Renfrew’s Women through History”. This grant award worked to highlight the previously unrecognized accomplishments of Franklin County’s local women by enabling the museum to purchase a table-top display to house items loaned by the local community for the exhibit, supporting the presentation of five seminars and one class with topics ranging from “How to Preserve and Care for your Family Textiles Class” to “Ed Miller’s Stories of Emma Nicodemus” among others, and allowing the Renfrew Museum and Park to acquire various never-before-seen family heirlooms from the Northern Maryland and Franklin County area.


Cindy Fink, who served as the curator and grant contact for this exhibit, stated, “The response from the community was overwhelming and the museum temporarily acquired heirlooms including quilts, coverlets, handwoven blankets, samplers, family pictures, journals, diaries, autograph books, china bedroom sets, dresser sets, clothing, hats, diplomas, award certificates, newspaper clippings and articles, health certificates, jewelry and even the flying outfit of the first professional woman pilot in the United States. The families who loaned the items were thrilled for them to be on display!”

About the Franklin County Foundation

The Franklin County Foundation (FCF), a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC), conducts an annual competitive grantmaking program for nonprofit organizations serving Franklin County. FCF’s strategic grantmaking focus is to invest in innovative, collaborative approaches and solutions to community problems, and to support projects that demonstrate achievable outcomes, the potential for replication as a model program, and plans for sustainability beyond the grant term. The overarching goal is to fund programs and services that have the potential for the greatest impact on the quality of life and positive outcomes for individuals and families living in Franklin county. In 2016, grant awards ranged from $450-$8,900.

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