Family & Children’s Services of Lebanon County Fund Recipient

What school are you attending?

Occidental College in Los Angeles, Ca

What is your major/minor?

Kinesiology Major, Biology and Public Health Minor

Why did you choose that major?

The Kinesiology coursework is both fascinating and challenging. The in-depth anatomy sequence is a unique component of the Kinesiology major at Oxy which drew me to the major. I also appreciate how every professor in the Kinesiology Department is supportive and accessible. All of the Kinesiology professors are truly knowledgeable and engaging in the course material they teach. The Kinesiology major at Occidental has also given me valuable experience in community based research.

What year in college are you?


What is your favorite thing about the school you’re attending?

Occidental is a small school of about 2,000 students, which fosters a strong sense of community. I was initially reluctant to attend such a small school, but the experiences I’ve gained and relationships I’ve built at Occidental wouldn’t be possible at a larger university. Oxy’s campus is a small oasis of tranquility in the bustling city of Los Angeles, it’s truly the best of both worlds!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I take advantage of living in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, through exploring Los Angeles on the Metro. I also love playing tennis and using my creative side to crochet!

What are your goals?

After graduating Occidental, I plan on attending medical school to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology. I hope to one day provide underserved populations with their inalienable right to quality healthcare. Before starting medical school, I plan on joining the Peace Corps. As a member, I aspire to address women’s health issues in sub-Saharan Africa and work towards sustainable health solutions. Personally, I would like to travel to my ancestral homeland of Eritrea and reconnect with my roots.

What does this scholarship mean to you?

Coming to Occidental as low-income student and working out ways to finance my own education/expenses gave me a tremendous amount of worry. For the past three years The Foundation for Enhancing Communities has mitigated the stress of affording a private liberal arts education and has supported me throughout my journey at Occidental. I thank TFEC for keeping my dream alive.

How do you plan to pay it forward as a recipient of this scholarship?

I will return the generosity of TFEC by continuing to serve my community. At Occidental, I’ve found solace in helping students who are in my position through offering college counseling to low-income high school seniors in the LA area. I am looking forward to the day where I am able to help other students just as TFEC has helped me.

About the Family & Children’s Services of Lebanon County Fund

The Family & Children’s Services of Lebanon County Fund offers scholarships to students who are residents of Lebanon County and pursuing higher education degrees in social sciences and human services, including fields such as medicine, nursing, social work, mental health, and other specialized therapies in the treatment of physical and mental disabilities. The fund also awards grants to nonprofit, social service agencies in support of projects which serve families and children in Lebanon County.

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