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Marissa A. Angino Fund

Fund Type: Donor Advised
Regional Foundation: Greater Harrisburg Foundation

Richard and Alice Angino established donor advised permanent funds for each of their three grandchildren. Lillian (b. 1992) is the daughter of Elizabeth Hale; Marissa (b. 1996) is the daughter of William and Julie Angino; and Michael Frederick (b. 1999) is the son of Richard and Charmaine Angino. The funds' purpose is to instill, cultivate, and nourish the need for charitable giving. As important as teaching safety, grammar, and numbers, charitable giving and community responsibility must be taught from infancy. A grandchild fund provides a vehicle whereby grandparents, parents, and the grandchildren themselves can contribute and work together to determine appropriate recipients for their charitable giving. It is the donors' hope that this concept will span the generations, and that Lillian, Marissa, and Michael, as adults, will continue to give and eventually establish their own children and grandchildren funds.