Listed below are some upcoming events sponsored by or in partnership with TFEC.

Save the Date: February 22, 2018

Kindergarten Transition Conference hosted by United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County.

Additional details and registration coming soon!

October 2017 | Kindergarten Transition Conference

Conference Theme: STEAM

Science and technology interpreted through engineering and the arts, all based in mathematical elements.

STEAM is a way to teach how all things relate to each other, in school and in life. It’s more fun than traditional learning styles and makes more sense to all types of learners because it is based on the natural ways that people learn and are interested in things.

Conference Resources

STEAM Brochure

Presenter Guide

February 2017 | Kindergarten Transition Conference

TFEC’s Parents & Partners, Lancaster-Lebanon IU-13, South Middleton School District, and the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County hosted a conference on February 23, 2017 on furthering transition practices within schools and communities. Research shows that a seamless transition into Kindergarten is critical for young children in order to be successful in their future academic careers—this transition sets the tone for their future school experiences. Our presenters provided their best practices in how they handle this important transition for children, families, and educators.

Conference Resources

Dr. Don Murk | What Administrators and School Personnel Need to Know About the Effects of Trauma on Executive Functioning Skills in Children

Marcy Witherspoon | ACEs: A Deeper Look

Mary Dague & Christina Stark | Countdown to Kindergarten: Preparing for a Smooth Transition

Dan Dubovsky | Recognizing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Children with Challenging Behaviors to Reduce ACEs

Dan Dubovsky | Implementing Modifications in Approaches to Improve Outcomes for Children with Challenging Behaviors and Their Families






Zachary Moore Music Memorial Fund

"TFEC is family to us. It means a lot to have the fund at a place where people cared about Zachary when he was alive, and care about this memorial fund that we’ve established in his honor."

Pillars with Purpose

"TFEC has a can-do attitude. They're invested not just in getting the job done, but also emotionally invested—which makes for a great partner."

Owen's Fund

"I think it's really important that we have a structure and an entity like TFEC to help the community thrive."