Dream Team

2014 Power of the Purse - New Dream Team Members

Dream Team Members: Gail Siegel, Jessica Ritchie, Dr. Mary Simmonds, Ashie Santangelo, and Jodie Smiley


While the Fund for Women & Girls was established in 2000, the Dream Team was established in 2011 with a goal and purpose of encouraging individuals to make a gift of at least $1,000 to create a permanent $1 million endowment. From the endowment, annual grants are made available to local nonprofit organizations that provide services to women and girls in the South Central PA counties of Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, Perry, and the Dillsburg Area.

Become Part of the Movement

$16.66 – Dream It. Charge It. Change It!

You too can become a Dream Team member by pledging $1,000 tax-deductible donation to the Fund for Women and Girls, payable over a 5 year period. By joining the Dream Team, you will help the Fund reach their $1 million endowment goal and increase the amount of grant dollars going to local nonprofit organizations supporting women and girls.

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If you have questions, please contact the Fund for Women & Girls at WomensFund@tfec.org.

Featured Dream Team Member

The current Fund for Women and Girls Dream Team Featured Member is Todd Snovel; click here to learn more about him.

Dream Team Members


Legacy Society of the Fund for Women & Girls

Ms. Norma J. Gotwalt*
Ms. Karen Snider*

Inspire Level | $10,000

Mrs. E. Louise Hepschmidt*

Sustain Level | $5,000

Ms. Janice R. Black
Peggy A. Grove
Dr. Robyn Holder
Ms. Dolly Lalvani
Mr. Benjamin Olewine, III*
Ms. Debra Ryan
Ms. Karen Snider*

Create Level | $2,500

Ms. Jennifer L. Black
Ms. Katrina Jurgill Briddell
Miriam DeFehr
Dr. Carolyn C. Dumaresq
Ms. Jeanne Foster
Ms. Norma J. Gotwalt*

Ms. Sylvia Hepler
Ms. Linda C. Kutz
Ms. Beverlee Lehr
Ms. Kelly Light
Ms. Ann Moffitt
Ms. Elaine Nissley

Ms. Kathy Pape
Ms. Linda Pheasant
Ms. Jessica Ritchie
Ms. Gail Siegel
Ms. Tracy Varano-Garrison

Dream Level | $1,000

Ms. Marilynn R. Abrams
Ms. Marion C. Alexander
Ms. Anne L. Alsedek
Ms. Jeanne Arnold
Mrs. Nancy C. Aronson
Ms. Marlene Atherton
Dr. Irene C. Baird
Ms. Gretchen L. Ballard
Ms. Alison Ballantine
Ms. Theresa L. Barnaby
Ms. Cate A. Barron
Ms. Irene Berman-Levine
Mr. Michael J. Breslin*
Ms. Julia Brinjac
Ms. Ellen Brown
Tara Brown
Ms. Rosemary Browne
Ms. Lynn Burkholder
Ms. Marianne Caplan
Ms. Audry Carter
Dr. Christine K. Cavanaugh
Ms. Stephanie Chaplinski-Kane
Ms. Jennifer Charlton
Ms. Sarah Chartrand
Lori Clark Robinson
Ms. Jewel Cooper
Joi Corrado
Ms. Beth L. Cornell
Ms. Jennifer CruverKibi
Ms. Renee Custer
Ms. Carole Dascani
Miriam DeFehr
Ms. Vicki Deitzler
Brenda Demyan
Ms. Carman Dent
Ms. Joy B. Dougherty
Ms. Jennifer Doyle
Ms. Mary Dumaresq
Ms. Tita Eberly
Ms. Juanita Edrington-Grant
Ms. Paula J. Faralli
Ms. Patricia Ferris
Leslie M. Fields, Esq.
Mr. David G. Forney
Abigail Fortino
Ms. Jeanne Foster
Suzanne S. Friday, Esq.
Ms. Deb Fulham-Winston
Ms. Clare C. Garfield
Debbie Garrison
Ms. Kathy J. Gates
Ms. Traci Gentry
Ms. Karen M. George

Ms. Richard S. Goldsmith
Ms. Lisa Marie Goulet*
Ms. Lynn Graham
Ms. Mary Kate Holder Grimes
Mary Lynne Haflett
Ms. Sarah A. Hall
Ms. Christy Hartwick
Ms. Margaret Hathaway
Ms. Marielle Hazen
Mrs. Helen Heidelbaugh
Ms. Linda A. Hicks
Ms. April Holder
Mrs. Joan R. Holman*
Ms. Debra Hoover
Ms. Pamela Hopper
Ms. Amy K. Huck
Ms. Ellen L. Brody Hughes*
Ms. Kandice K. Hull
Ms. Linda Mohler Humes
Ms. Betty Hungerford
Casey Khuri
Ms. Alice M. Kirchner
Ms. Stacy Klann
Ms. Allison Kleinfelter
Ms. Joanne Kleppinger
Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney
Ms. Ruth Koup
Mrs. Ruth Ann C. Kroh
Ms. Linda C. Kutz
Ms. Ellen Kyzer
Ms. Lauren Lagin
Ms. Jennifer Lazar
Ms. Holly M. Leggett
Ms. Karen Lehman
Ms. Lorena F. Lemons*
Renee L. Lieux Esq.
Dr. and Mr. Shane & James Lloyd
Ms. Julia Mallory
Ms. Sharon Mattern
Ms. Stefani S. McAuliffe
Ms. Kathryn McCorkle
Ms. Mary McGrath
Ms. Barbara McLemore
Ms. Elizabeth Mihmet
Ms. Kristen Olewine Milke
Ms. Barbara G. Minzenberg
Ms. Nancy Dering Mock
Ms. Shileste Overton Morris
Ms. Diane Mulcahy
Elizabeth P. Mullaugh, Esq.
Ms. Leah Muroff
Ms. Robin Murtha
Ms. Helen Nauman

Ms. Lynn Millar Neely
Ms. Ho-Thanh Nguyen
Ms. Amy C. Nilsen
Ms. Tina L. Nixon
Ms. Shelly Page
Ms. Anandi Patel
Ms. Kathleen Pavelko
Ms. Beth A. Peiffer
Ms. Jeannine Peterson
Ms. Linda Pheasant
Ms. Bonnie Rannels
Ms. Jane Ransom
Velma A. Redmond, Esq.
Ms. Lisa Ritter
Ms. Ashie Santangelo
Ms. Robin Scaer
Ms. Kim Schaller
Ms. Donna Schankweiler
Ms. Shaylene Scheib
Ms. Alexa Schwab
Ms. Madison Schwab
Dr. Michele Sellitto
Ms. Lori Serratelli
Ms. Judith Silverman
Dr. Mary Simmonds
Ms. Hilary Simpson
Ms. Jodie Smiley
Mr. Todd C. Snovel
Ms. Alyce Spector
Ms. Sylvie F. St. Hilaire
Ms. Susan M. Steadman
Ms. Lenora Stern
Ms. Bonnie Stevenson
Ms. Melanie Stine
Ms. Cynthia Tolsma
Ms. Lucy Troutman
Hon. Jeannine Turgeon
Ms. Audrey Utley
Ms. Tracy Varano-Garrison
Ms. Leanne Via
Ms. Mary Warner
Ms. Mary T. Webber Weston
Ms. Betty Wilson
Ms. Gayle J. Yaverbaum
Ms. Carole E. Yon