Pillars with Purpose

YES! You are in the right place. By way of reminder, Upstream has partnered with The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC). Through this partnership we were easily able to create unique to us charitable funds as diverse as our associate base. With the help of TFEC’s expertise in the administration of charitable gifts, we will leverage our giving and maximize our philanthropic impact in the community. Further, through this relationship we are able to pass onto our donors the highest benefits for charitable giving allowed by law under TFEC’s 501c3 status.

Pillars with Purpose Charitable Funds are the first ever formalized giving vehicle for Upstream Rehabilitation, Inc/Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, LLC (DPTI) employees to give to a cause of their choice in an impactful way. All monies contributed by Upstream Rehab/DPTI employees will go towards a bevy of worthy causes.

List of Funds

Benevolent Fund for Family and Children Welfare

This fund will make grants to charities that do any or all of the following: combat homelessness, and hunger, improve educational opportunities for children or adults, help children with special needs, and promote the general welfare of children, orphans, and victims of domestic violence.

Benevolent Fund for Cancer Research and Patient Care

This fund will make grants to charities that largely have a focus on pediatric cancer, assist survivors, offer payment assistance to families as it relates to cancer medical needs, offer housing in proximity to cancer hospitals, provide resources to improve child life services in children’s hospitals and grief counseling.

Benevolent Fund for Military Personnel and Family Care

The contributions made to this fund will go towards serving military personnel, active duty or retired, and their families. This fund will make grants to charities that provide for an education, physical and mental therapy, in addition to the basic living needs of military personnel and those who care for them. This fund will also provide support to transitional services that aid veterans as they return to their communities. This fund will carry out the mission of Operation Rehabilitation.

Benevolent Fund for Emergent Needs

This fund will remain fluid, but the overarching goal is to use the donations in this fund to grant contributions to organizations that aid in natural disaster relief, animal aid and rescue and help those who are negatively affected by unexpected circumstances.

Benevolent Fund for Faith Based Initiatives

This fund will support charities that are faith centered and perform social services for the most needy, poor, endangered and troubled.

Benevolent Fund for Domestic and International Missions

This fund will support charities that aid in domestic and international missions, frequently missions that support the healthcare needs of the communities they serve.

Benevolent Fund for Charitable Giving

This fund will hold contributions given by persons and organizations who want to support the Pillars with Purpose efforts. Instead of picking just one fund to contribute to, a portion of their total contributions will be split evenly amongst the funds on a bi-quarterly basis. Other times, this fund will be used to make charitable contributions to causes deemed worthy by the advisory board with oversight across all funds.
Zachary Moore Music Memorial Fund

"TFEC is family to us. It means a lot to have the fund at a place where people cared about Zachary when he was alive, and care about this memorial fund that we’ve established in his honor."

Pillars with Purpose

"TFEC has a can-do attitude. They're invested not just in getting the job done, but also emotionally invested—which makes for a great partner."

Owen's Fund

"I think it's really important that we have a structure and an entity like TFEC to help the community thrive."