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Carrie and George Lyter Scholarship

The Carrie and George Lyter Scholarship, established in 2002, is an endowment of the Perry County Community Foundation, a regional foundation of TFECs. It is available for students attending Perry county high schools and entering a 4-year program in the area of elementary or middle school education.

Preference will be given to those studying with emphasis on science or math; however, students studying with emphasis on other subjects are still encouraged to apply. The donors do not desire any special recognition for the scholarship but would like to observe the good that the scholarship provides to the lives of the deserving students.

The student selected to receive the scholarship will be asked to forward their transcript to TFEC at the end of their first year of college, with a note explaining how this scholarship has aided their goals.

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April 1


1 Winner/ Amount Varies

Scholarship FAQs
  1. Graduating senior of Greenwood High School, Newport High School, Susquenita High School or West Perry High School who will major in education.
  2. Extra consideration will be given to students pursuing a career in elementary or middle school education or science or mathematics education
  3. Academic achievement, including a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in their junior/senior year
  4. Demonstrated commitment to the community through extracurricular activities
  5. Demonstrated talent for leadership
  6. High moral character (attend and be involved in church activities)
  7. Financial need
  8. Essay


Identify your current interest in elementary or middle school education and include your professional goals. Essay should be titled, 300 words maximum, typewritten, 12 pt. font, double spaced.

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