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Education Matters – The J.M. Heberlig/B.J. Helterbran Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by J.M. Heberlig & B.J. Helterbran who both believe that education matters and know that it is becoming more difficult than ever to afford to reach your goals. Together with family, friends, and community, we can all accomplish great things. Jody, a High School Art Teacher, and Beth, who has worked in Recreation and Parks for over 30 years, both came from families who valued and promoted education. They benefited greatly from their support and encouragement which allowed them to expand and explore new opportunities while moving toward their goals. This scholarship is designed to be a hand-up, not a hand-out.

This scholarship supports residents of Pennsylvania entering their second, third, or fourth year of a Pennsylvania college or university and are working toward a degree in Art Education or Recreation & Parks. Students are eligible only if they have declared their major and are attending a 4 year academic institution as a full-time student.

Complete a Scholarship Interest Form to demonstrate interest in applying once eligible as a college sophomor

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June 1


Number of recipients varies / Amount Varies

Would you like to support the ? You can make a donation directly to this fund, to help grow its impact and ability to provide educational resources for students in our community — forever!



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