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Royer Family Scholarship Fund

Hannah and Lester Royer are the Matriarch and Patriarch of Royer’s Flowers and Gifts. They both attended Elizabethtown College and studied to become teachers in the 1920’s. It was very rare for a woman to attend college in that period of time, but Hannah and Lester both had a strong determination to improve themselves by becoming better educated.

Ultimately, they both became teachers. Lester taught High School biology and Hannah taught Elementary grades. It wasn’t until they were both in their early 50’s that they decided to start selling flowers to help provide extra income. That side business soon turned into the business known today as Royer’s Flowers in Central Pennsylvania and Connells Maple Lee Flowers in Columbus, Ohio.

It is fitting then that the Royer Family, who still own and operate the flower businesses, have established this fund to help their employees, their children or grandchildren gain additional education to help them succeed in life. This scholarship is available for trade, 2 year or 4 year post high school continued education for full or part time studies.

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April 1


up to 4 awards / $1,000 to $2,500 each

Would you like to support the ? You can make a donation directly to this fund, to help grow its impact and ability to provide educational resources for students in our community — forever!



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