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AbramsSamuel L. Abrams, a Harrisburg businessman, distinguished himself during a lifetime of participation in the Harrisburg community through philanthropic, social and political activities. Born in Lithuania, Mr. Abrams was brought to the United States and Harrisburg at the age of three by his parents.  He attended city schools, graduating from Harrisburg Technical High School in 1922.  After obtaining his degree from Penn State, he joined B. Abrams & Sons, the scrap metal processing firm that his father, brother and he founded. When Mr. Abrams attended Harrisburg Tech, he had taken a commercial curriculum because he had not believed that his family could afford to send him to college.  At his graduation, though, when he realized that most of his friends were going on to college, he decided that he wanted to go as well. By the time he graduated from Penn State in 1926, he had been instilled with a strong appreciation for the value of college education.  

In 1966, shortly after completing eight years as a member of the board of Directors of the Harrisburg School District, Mr. Abrams established the Samuel L. Abrams Foundation to help deserving graduates and faculty members of the Harrisburg District further their education and obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

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Scholarship FAQ


  1. Must be employed by the Harrisburg School District 
  2. Following a course of study to improve professional skills, ability, and understanding 
  3. Agreement to sign a statement committing applicant to continue on the faculty or staff of Harrisburg School District for a minimum of 2 years after completion of the desired course of study 
  4. Financial need 
  5. Supplemental documents. This may include a resume, letter(s) of recommendation, transcript, FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR), or other scholarship-specific documents. Specific requirements are noted in the application.


Recipients of this scholarship may apply again every year . Students must submit a full application but may be prompted to complete a different essay.

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