Sharon joined TFEC as the Financial Services Associate in September of 2021. Prior to TFEC, she spent the previous 20 years as the Administrative Director for Church Business, Finances, and Employees at Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church (GZMBC).  Sharon is responsible for assisting the Chief Financial Officer in accomplishing the day-to-day activities which allow the Foundation to meet all fiduciary responsibilities.  Day-to-day activities can be categorized in the following manner:  finance; human resources; office administration and technology.

At GZMBC Sharon was instrumental in the research, implementation, and transition processes involved in moving the church DOS-based computer systems, to Windows-based systems and eventually to cloud-based server apps. These applications include but are not limited to; Servant Keeper – Church Management software, a user-customizable system that tracks member attendance, allows for financial gift collection, pledge campaigns, etc. This change allows key leadership members cloud-based data access to conduct ministry assignments without being tethered to cable or a difficult to maneuver VPN connection.  Sharon was responsible for all necessary user training, data entry, and annual financial reporting for a church membership exceeding 1,000 people.

Additionally, in 2021 Sharon transitioned GZMBC from an in-house server-based computer model to the Microsoft 365 cloud-based server applications platform. This allows the various cross-functional ministry teams to work in a collaborative method, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness and reducing work time and internal cost for hardware updates and/or new replacement hardware.

Over the years Sharon has received professional training certificates in Effective Presentations, Leadership Training, Management Writing, Problem Solving, and Decision Making, Planning, and Leading Meetings.