Become a Trauma Informed Champion

Creating Community Resilience through Trauma-Informed Practices

This training has been completed. We hope to offer a similar series in the future.

TFEC is committed to the creation of a trauma-informed community, and we know that such an approach must be a community-wide effort. In 2019, TFEC is planning “Becoming Trauma Informed” workshops to “train the trainer” using a model from the Health Federation of Philadelphia.

A trauma-informed community involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. Trauma can include homelessness and transience, unemployment, poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

Champions who are chosen to participate in the workshops will then pass on this training in their community through additional workshops. Grant funding may be available through TFEC to help facilitate these additional workshops.

Participant Presentations from the Training

What is Trauma
Trauma Responsive Strategies
Impact of Adversity

Training Competencies

  • Experience training adults and a basic understanding of adult learning principles
  • Basic understanding of child development and brain development
  • Basic understanding of trauma and its impact
  • Capacity to think flexibly and respond to the needs of an audience
  • Being comfortable redirecting participants who are sharing too much personal trauma history, by allowing for a more private conversation at break time or following the session

Organizations are encouraged to send two participants that will make up your “training team.” If you are only able to send one participant, pairing up with another agency in your county may be a possibility.

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