After 30 years of service to the community, The Capital Campaign Review Board Committee (CCRB) has made the decision to bring their work to a close. This decision came as the result of much conversation surrounding the relevancy and need for this community service. Recently completed surveys showed that the information generated by the CCRB was not being used as was in the past. The CCRB continues to encourage corporations, foundations and community members to support their local non-profits during capital campaigns and beyond.

The Capital Campaign Review Board (CCRB) formed in 1986 to create order and build quality control in the Tri-County area (Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry) capital campaign initiatives. The goal of the CCRB was to increase the chances for success for all capital campaigns. The CCRB accomplished this through the board’s prescreening process of campaign requests.

The CCRB would like to thank its community partners for the years of support, most notably the Central Penn Business Journal and The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. We also would like to thank and acknowledge our dedicated committee members: Mr. William Lehr Jr.; Mr. Ronald J. Drenvich; Ms. Marion C. Alexander; Ms. Janice R. Black; Mr. Timothy Fatzinger; Mr. Larry A. Hartman; Mr. James Hoehn; Mr. David M. Kleppinger; Mr. Michael Murchie; Mr. Douglas Neidich; Mr. David A. Schankweiler; Mr. Morton Spector; Mr. William M. Stout; Mr. Jonathan Vipond, III; and Ms. Karen Snider (passed away, 01/12/2017).

For more information on ways you can partner with TFEC, your Community Foundation, please contact Janice Black, President & CEO.

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