The Capital Campaign Review Board (CCRB) in partnership with the Central Penn Business Journal and The Foundation for Enhancing Communities is distributing a survey to nonprofit organizations across Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry Counties requesting each nonprofit organization announce or confirm their intention to organize a capital campaign for 2017 – 2021 by July 1.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here.

A capital campaign is an organized drive to collect and accumulate substantial funds to finance major needs of an organization such as a building or major repair project. The Capital Campaign Review Board (CCRB) was formed in 1986 to create order and build quality control in the Tri-County area (Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry) capital campaign initiatives. The ultimate goal of the CCRB is to increase the chances for success for all capital campaigns. This is accomplished through the board’s prescreening process of campaign requests. The Foundation for Enhancing Communities is pleased to administer the CCRB process annually.

Each year nonprofit organizations receive a questionnaire about their past, current and future capital campaign plans. Upon completing these questionnaires, the participating organizations submit them to the CCRB. The board reviews the questionnaires and then collectively decides whether to place the proposed fundraising effort on the CCRB five-year master schedule. The board evaluates criteria such as the monetary goal of the campaign, thoroughness of financial information, whether the campaign has been approved by the organization’s Board of Directors, and whether or not a feasibility study has been completed or is intended to be completed. Once the schedule is complete, it is then mailed to the corporate and private foundation donor community.

For questions related to this process or the CCRB, please contact Jennifer Doyle, Director of Development and Community Investment by phone 717-236-5040 or email

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