Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent crisis that has unfolded, ignited a passion in us all for humanitarian aid and global philanthropy.

Regarding the current situation in Ukraine the following statement was released from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assaults on multiple cities in Ukraine began overnight on Feb. 24 and continued throughout the day. Putin stated that Russian forces are targeting Ukrainian military infrastructure, not people or communities. However, deaths have been reported. This latest attack is part of a multi-year crisis stemming back to 2014 and beyond.

Our response to this crisis is focused on humanitarian needs that arise, particularly among internally-displaced peoples and refugees. We are not looking at the conflict itself except in how it affects population movement and humanitarian needs.” 

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy the leading expert in helping donors maximize their impact in response to domestic and global disasters.

As a donor with The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC) you can use your charitable fund to support organizations working on the ground and responding to the crisis in Ukraine. Some options of 501(c)(3) organizations you can direct funds to are:

Please note that this is not a complete list and our Philanthropy Department can help you determine which organization you would like to direct funds to.  Giving during times of crisis is often one of the most impactful times to give philanthropically. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy offers these seven basic tips for giving back in times of disasterShould you have any questions please contact our Philanthropy Team at


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