Jan. 17, 2022:  The Departments of Human Services and Health regularly track data on COVID-19 infections. As you can see there has been a significant increase of infections in child care. Additional information about community transmission can be found at COVID 19 Data for PA.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to stress the importance layered efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. One of the key recommendations is the continued use for children and adults of face coverings.

While the Executive Order for Face Coverings is no longer in place, I encourage you to consider instituting policies in your program to continue to use them. You can print the updated face covering flyers (available in English and Spanish) at the Pennsylvania Key website.

I also advocate for all eligible people to become vaccinated. If you or your staff have questions about the vaccine, a trusted source of information is the DOH website, COVID 19 Vaccines.

Information regarding continued best practice for all Early Learning Centers is available on the CDC website, and OCDEL continues advise programs implement the recommendations included there. Visit the COVID-19 Guidance for Operating Early Care and Education/Child Care Programs for the current recommendations.

Thank you for your consideration of the data and resources.

Tracey Campanini

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