The Fund for Women & Girls Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2020 is the 20th anniversary of The Fund for Women and girls. Let’s take a look at what this group of dedicated individuals has accomplished during that time,

2000: The Fund for Women and Girls was created in 2000 to broaden the awareness of, and respond to, issues affecting women and girls through the power of collective philanthropy. Women and girls around the world are inordinately represented among the poor, uneducated, and abused. Without a focused effort to combat the issues that face them, they will remain among the under-served. Our vision is of a community where they are afforded the right to live in safety, meet their basic needs for living, have the opportunities to pursue their dreams, and are inspired to experience the value of philanthropy.

2008: The Fund for Women and Girls began making grants to organizations serving women and girls in our region. From 2008-2019, The Fund for Women and Girls has provided 90 grants totaling $187,714 to more than 40 nonprofit organizations.

2013: The Power of the Purse was established in 2013 and is the largest fundraising event for the Fund for Women and Girls with the purpose of creating a deeper understanding of a woman’s ability to be philanthropic. Join the movement and help empower women and girls in our community.

2016: Our Dream Team Members were inspired to continue financially supporting their impact in the community and thus four new levels of giving was created!
Create | $2,500
Sustain | $5,000
Inspire | $10,000
Legacy Society of the Fund for Women & Girls

2020: In celebration of 20 years of working for women and girls, the Fund for Women and Girls wanted to give 5 $20,000 innovative, change-making grants to nonprofits in our region. To help meet this financial goal, the 2020 Visionaries was created. 2020 Visionaries helped the Fund for Women and Girls catalyze change for women & girls in Central Pennsylvania. Each $200 one-time gift was added with others and used towards building a $100,000 pool that provided five $20,000 innovative, change-making grants to local organizations in 2020 – grants that will transform women’s education, economic opportunity, and access to health and wellness for decades to come.

Zachary Moore Music Memorial Fund

"TFEC is family to us. It means a lot to have the fund at a place where people cared about Zachary when he was alive, and care about this memorial fund that we’ve established in his honor."

Pillars with Purpose

"TFEC has a can-do attitude. They're invested not just in getting the job done, but also emotionally invested—which makes for a great partner."

Owen's Fund

"I think it's really important that we have a structure and an entity like TFEC to help the community thrive."