Here are the facts about Corporate Social Responsibility: 

  • Employees who have a chance to give to charities through their work are happier than those who do not. (Source) 
  • Half of employees believe their employer should connect them with opportunities for charitable engagement. (Source) 
  • Of 53 Companies surveyed, almost all companies (79%) offered a 1:1 match for disaster relief giving. (Source) 
  • More companies than ever before are linking their brand with a social impact initiative, partially in response to COVID-19 and consumer pressures to play an integral role in recovery. (Source) 
  • U.S. employees who fall into the “not engaged” and “actively disengaged” categories cost their companies $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity annually. (Source) 

Developing and administering a strategic corporate giving plan is not a small undertaking. The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC) can help. We can make sure that your corporate giving makes an impact, advances your corporate objectives, and supports your employees’ charitable efforts, making them feel valued and ultimately increasing job performance and morale.  

Here are THREE ways your company can be socially responsible: 

Establish a Corporate Foundation 

Corporate foundations allow your business to connect your company with charitable causes YOU care about. Maximizing the tax and budget aspects of your company’s giving and also ensures that your philanthropic investments provide the most significant civic and financial benefit possible.  

Establish a Corporate Scholarship Fund

Are you passionate about education? With one of the fastest-growing types of funds at TFEC, you can support worthy students entering or continuing their education by creating a scholarship fund! Eligibility and other selection criteria are at the discretion of your company, including the dollar amount of awards. TFEC handles the fund’s administration, and your company can provide paths to success for our community’s future leaders! 

Establish a Corporate Hardship Fund

A corporate hardship fund is a powerful tool for providing financial support to employees who need it most. As business owners, we know that you care about your employee’s well-being, and grants from this fund can aid employees after disasters or other hardships.  However, finding the time and resources to set up and manage a hardship fund can seem almost impossible. TFEC can help expedite the process, and you can serve those within your company who need it most! 

A corporate giving program is a great way to establish trust in potential customers and cultivate a positive work culture. If you are a business owner ready to learn more about how your company can impact your local community, talk to our experts today! 

 Visit and learn more about how you can partner with TFEC and achieve your corporate charitable giving program. 

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