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Our Team

Working together to strengthen communities

Our team, board and committee members work diligently, together, making our communities a better place to live and work.

Our Team

We are advocates for change and the stewards of strategic philanthropy within your communities.

Board of Directors

Diverse community leaders, our Board of Directors provide their expertise and commitment to responsible philanthropic governance for long-term community impact.

Director Emeriti

John M. Aichele*
William H. Alexander
Gerald L. Hempt
Ellen Brody Hughes*
Raymond L. Gover*
Lois Lehrman Grass*
William Lehr, Jr.*
Jacqueline Little
Harold A.B. McInnes
Claude E. Nichols, M.D.*

John S. Oyler, Esq.
Velma A. Redmond, Esq.
John M. Schrantz
John McD. Sharpe, Jr., Esq.*
Conrad M. Siegel, FSA
Elsie W. Swenson*
Mary A. Simmonds, M.D.
Nathan H. Waters, Jr., Esq.
Jonathan Vipond, III, Esq.
Mary Webber Weston


Standing Committees

Robert E. Caplan, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Romeo Azondekon, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, serve as ex officios on all committees.

Audit Committee

David J. Manbeck, Principal, CPA, Chair
Michael R. Gillespie
Glen P. Heisey
Steven M. Hoffman, CPA
*Kirk Demyan


Communications Committee

Dr. Jeffrey Ritchie, Ph.D., Chair
Amanda Martin, Vice-Chair
Jason Kirsch
Colin Powell
*Jennifer Doyle


Finance and Administration Committee

Greg D. Klopp, Chair
Dorothea Aronson
Michael R. Gillespie
Steven M. Hoffman, CPA
*Kirk Demyan


Governance Committee

Susan Simms Marsh, Chair
Romeo Azondekon
Betsy Hancock
Velma Redmond, Esq.
Jonathan Vipond, Esq.
*Jennifer Doyle


TFEC Properties, INC.  
Real Estate Advisory Committee

Robert C. Grubic, Chair
Daniel Alderman
Paul Bruder
Joy Daniels
J. Stephen Feinour, Esq.
Steve Hawbecker
Mark D. Hipp, Esq.
Gary L. Nalbandian
Lane Schultz
Neal S. West
*Jennifer Doyle & Brooke Clark

Grantmaking Committee

Betsy Hancock, Chair
Anne Aufiero
Oralia Dominic
Esmeralda Hetrick
Marlene Kanuck
David Kutz
Kristin Leader-Ramirez
Susan Simms Marsh
Donna Murray
*Caitlin Cluck


Human Resource Committee

Robert E. Caplan, CFA, Chair
Carolyn Dumaresq, Ed.D
Romeo Azondekon
David Kutz
*Kirk Demyan & Jennifer Doyle


Investment Advisory Committee

Robert E. Caplan, CFA, Chair
Catherine Azeles, CFP
Elizabeth P. Mullaugh ,Esq.
Frederick D. Fischer
Samir S. Parikh
Conrad M. Siegel, FSA
Jonathan Vipond, III, Esq.
*Kirk Demyan

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee

Todd Snovel, Chair
Romeo Azondekon
Marlene Kanuck
David Kutz
Kristina Snow
*Erin Gilbert, Jennifer Doyle, & Kirk Demyan


Conrad Siegel, Conrad Siegel, Consulting Actuary and Founder
Brian Hess, The ENVISION Group, Inc., Print Support
IntermixIT, IT Support
Lucca AM, Website Support
Maher Duessel, Auditor
Martin Communications, Inc.
Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC, General Counsel
Charles Schwab